Drum-Tote filler

AAI Automatic Drum/Tote Filler

automatic drum filler• Capable of filling palletized drums, palletized kegs, and totes.
Standard Features

  • General Purpose Non-Hazardous area electrical classification
  • Allen Bradley Micrologix PLC with Ethernet IP
  • Maple System user interface with Ethernet IP
  • 24V DC controls
  • Slow-Fast-Slow fill mode programmin
  • Automatic Preact calculation
  • Resume capability to continue filling aborted fill cycles
  • Cycle time monitoring
  • Net weight over/under fill monitoring
  • System alarm displays
  • Weight indicator control, Zero, Tare, Gross/Net
  • Electric motor on VFD with timing belt driven lance. SUB-SURFACE FILL RAISED BASED ON WEIGHT. This system will fill in subsurface mode keeping the lance at a programmable position. Filling using this method eliminates foaming and keeps the lance clean.
  • A two butterfly valve system for Slow-Fast-Slow fill modes; This is programmable via HMI
  • Push button for Fill Start/Stop Operation


Standard Construction

  • Powder Coated steel structural construction
  • 304 stainless steel wetted parts (Lance and pipe)
  • NEMA-12 Electrical enclosures
  • Foot valve at end of lance for minimizing drips
  • Vacuum on lance to prevent leaks between fill cycles
  • Gravity weighted stainless steel drip cup; option
  • Teflon seals and seats
  • Sealed bearings and cam followers
  • Carbon steel low profile scale case
  • Raised Platform
  • Sealed load cells
  • 5,000 Lb capacity